At Schmidt Wimbledon we revolutionise home living by delivering bespoke kitchen design solutions that blend functionality with elegance. Together, let's redefine living! Your path to a stunning kitchen starts with Schmidt, where our professional team of designers and consultants stands ready to walk you through each phase of the design process. We're committed to closely listening to your requirements, working with you to understand your vision and to bring it to life.

At Schmidt Wimbledon, we specialise in designing kitchens that blend modern innovation with timeless elegance.

Our expertise spans across a wide range of styles, from sleek and contemporary designs that captivate with their minimalist aesthetic to the shaker kitchens, well-known for their classic lines and practical functionality. We also design traditional kitchens, offering spaces that reflect a sense of history, yet are equipped with the latest in kitchen technology. Each kitchen we design is a reflection of our commitment to quality, functionality, and beauty, created to reflect your unique vision and lifestyle.

Step into refined elegance with our Schmidt Wimbledon kitchen design

This kitchen is a true representation of what we stand for: a blend of modern innovation and classic charm. Under the airy ambiance of vaulted ceilings with white-painted beams, our kitchen offers an open, breathable space. Also, the earthy tones of the cabinetry provide a soft backdrop to the bold, industrial accents of the central island and shelving units. Functionality meets elegance here, with state-of-the-art appliances nestled within classic design elements. This kitchen is not just a room, it's the heart of the home, where every detail has been carefully created to ensure that form and function are in perfect harmony, designed by the expert hands at Schmidt Wimbledon.

Embrace the art of contemporary design with Schmidt Wimbledon

This sleek culinary space is meticulously created to combine functionality with luxury, featuring deep navy cabinetry accented with brushed gold hardware. The geometric-patterned overhead cabinets add a distinctive touch of elegance, while the herringbone wood floor grounds the space with warmth. Every detail is engineered to enhance your cooking experience, from the high-end appliances to the smart storage solutions. This is where modern sophistication meets everyday practicality, in a kitchen that’s as beautiful as it is user-friendly. Design your contemporary kitchen with Schmidt Wimbledon!

Dare to be bold if you dare to be different

This Schmidt Wimbledon kitchen is a statement of individuality and modern chic. With its striking patterned accent panelling and sleek dark surfaces, it's designed not just for function but to be a conversation starter. The warmth of the wood flooring balances the contemporary dark tones, ensuring the space remains inviting. Be bold and add character to your next project with this exclusive finish to bring the perfect style statement to create a creative effect in all rooms.

Modern Stockholm Kitchen

Introducing our Stockholm kitchen: a tribute to the serene, uncluttered beauty of Nordic design. This collection is a masterclass in Scandi-inspired simplicity, where neutral palettes whisper calm, clean lines define sophistication, and functional layouts reflect efficiency. Embracing the less-is-more philosophy, this kitchen offers a space that is as timeless as it is modern. It’s a perfect canvas for any home, inviting you to add your personal touch into its versatile design.

Get inspired!

Welcome to our gallery of transformation, where each kitchen tells the story of a vision brought to life. This is where our customers’ visions and our expertise converge to create spaces that are not just functional, but are also the heart of the home. Dive into our projects, from contemporary chic to traditional charm, each kitchen is a reflection of our dedication to personalised service and impeccable design. Get inspired by the possibilities that lie in store for your own space and see how Schmidt Wimbledon can create a kitchen to your exact specifications. Browse through, get inspired, and when you’re ready to start your own project, we’re here to make it happen.

Design Your Kitchen With Schmidt Wimbledon!

Your home's potential awaits with Schmidt Wimbledon, where personalisation meets precision. Your dedicated designer will be your point of contact, guiding you from a vivid VR experience to the installation step. Let’s begin creating your dream kitchen today!